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Prof M Krishnan

Vice Chancellor Environmental Science, Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Parsanathan

Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellow My primary goal is to study the roles of oxidative... View Profile

Prof E M Shankar

Professor Medicine, Immunology and Microbiology.... View Profile

Prof Rajaguru Palanichamy

Professor Expertise in Environmental Health and Toxicology... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Banu Jeyakumar

Associate Professor I am involved in cutting-edge research activities ... View Profile

Dr Kathiresan Shanmugam

Associate Professor Plant Genomics and Metabolic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Indranil Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Human Genetics and Genomics, Cancer Genetics.... View Profile

Dr Meganathan Kannan

Assistant Professor Hematology, Platelet Biology, Bleeding Disorders, ... View Profile

Dr Jayalakshmi Krishnan

Assistant Professor Neuroimmunology, Immunology, Immunology Practical.... View Profile

Dr Dinakar Challabathula

Assistant Professor Plant Molecular Physiology.... View Profile

Dr Latchoumycandane Calivarathan

Assistant Professor I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of L... View Profile


Assistant Professor Animal Biotechnology, cancer Biology and Algal Bi... View Profile